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Rivestimenti tessili per pavimenti ecosostenibili

Textile coatings for sustainable flooring.

Natural fibers are revolutionizing the world of flooring.

Dried and processed Coir, Sisal, Jute and Seagrass are available in a vast array of weaving patterns, colours and natural nuances; with their roughness and unevenness, these coverings can make any floor look unique.

Beside their exotic aspect, textile coverings of this kind are not only excellent in terms of sound absorption, reduction of static electricity and regulation of humidity; they also transform any space in a warm, refined and cosy environment.

Due to their distinctive durability and biodegradability, these materials are perfect as green, sustainable and contemporary decorative elements, which can be used in high-traffic public and commercial spaces like stores, hotels, fairs and exhibitions. Contact us for more information!

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